How to become the best in your industry

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Many today have the notion that a miraculous genius is born smarter, intelligent and more capable than the rest of us. Well, the truth is that there is nobody that is born with superior success. The leaders, athletes, artists, and scientists who are dominating their industry are able to accomplish so much because of their laser-like focus and work ethic. 

Your natural talent or brilliance is not going to take you far, your level of practice and experience is what will take you to a new height and ultimately help you to dominate your industry. 

We need to exterminate our present notion of creativity and genius. Spending thousands of hours working and learning is what leads to creativity and mastery. Einstein and Mozart are notable examples of people who put in more than ten thousand to twenty thousand hours of intense work. Their effort equals that of an average person in his twenties. 

Persistence is the key to success. In order to dominate your industry someday, you have to learn from the people who are currently dominating your industry. Find out about their work ethics, the books they read, the people they hang-out with and the things they do at their leisure. Emulate them and try to be consistent. 

In this article, we are going to be looking at some tips that can help you dominate your industry. 

Chose a subject or topic that you love and focus your attention on it 

Masters are emotionally connected to their work. They find it fascinating and thrilling. If you are committed to a topic or skill, you will be willing to spend long hours leaning as much as you can about it. And as you learn more you will become better and better. Curiosity is one element that is required to rise to mastery. If you are not curious or motivated, you will never have the energy, the patience and the will to keep fighting. In the end, you will give up easily and will not have the zeal to overcome the challenges that may come your way. 

Learn by doing 

Don’t just read and study what you are going to do. Take physical action. If you want to become an entrepreneur don’t focus all your attention on reading business books. Try building a business. Doing this will force you to do things you have never done before and to grow. Of course, you are going to make some mistakes along the way, but you will learn from them and will reach your potential in the long run.

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