How to Ensure Your Computer Cools Off as Required

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The chips inside your computer get hot and in most cases, the heat can be extreme especially when the computer is left open for a long period of time. To regulate the temperature, the inside of a computer must have sufficient airflow and the best way to do is to ensure that there are a functional fan and fan filter inside. 

The Function of a Computer Fan

Computer fans play a significant role in cooling your machine despite their noisy nature. If you work without a fan inside the computer, the computer will go to a thermal check. This means it will shut down, you will lose unsaved work as you will have to reboot it. In worst-case scenarios, the unit will burn.

Types of Computer Fans to Choose from

There are various types of computer fans that you can choose from. One thing you need to understand about a computer fan is its bearing. It’s because it has a role to play with the noise and performance level of a computer.

  • The Central Processing Unit Fan

The Central Processing Unit is an essential part of a computer thus it must function properly. Having a CPU fan will help in keeping it cool and ensuring it performs as required. This fan is found at the top of the computer processor where it blows out the heat from the entire CPU.

  • Case Fan

Coming in different sizes, a case fan is not necessary for all computers. It helps to blow in the fresh air in the computer case where it’s located keeping the case cool. The good thing about this fan also referred to as chassis fan is not necessary for every computer. A unit will function properly even without it.

  • Video Card Fan 

When playing video games, video cards can overheat. This happens when in action. This is something that can be prevented by the use of a video card fan that is placed inside the video card. To prevent the overheating even when the game is intense, a video card fan will come in handy. 

There are different types of computer fans that you can choose from. For maximum efficiency, to protect the computer from exploding or melting and to extend the computer’s life span, its recommended that you have the mandatory fans as not all of them are. You do not want to lose your computer just because you did not install a simple component. 

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