Tips to Preparing Your Vehicle for Summer Vacay

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Summertime can take a toll on your vehicle. If the car is not prepared for this season, it could end up costing more to repair. You might be forced to hire a car, take public transport and even incur towing charges. With pre-inspection and proper maintenance, breakdowns in summer can be prevented. How is this possible? 

  • Inspect Drive Belts and Hoses

When there are wear and tear on drive belts and hoses, it can be a nightmare in summer. This results in leaks that are not only annoying but can cut your trips short and be expensive. Check for any cracks, missing chunks, fraying, swelling and leakage signs. 

  • Check all Fluid Levels

Fluids are crucial in the operation of the car and particularly in summer when the engine can get extremely hot. Imagine a car without coolant, brake fluid (the color and the level matters) or engine oil! It would be a disaster in the summer. Besides these fluids, the level of power steering fluid, transmission and windshield washer fluid should also be checked. In addition to the level, the color is also important. 

  • Check on the Cooling System

You do not want to experience steam coming out from the radiator on the roadside in the middle of nowhere. To avoid this, the engine cooling system must be in check. The best way to prevent this is to be sure of the change interval of the anti-freeze. Change it when recommended by the manufacturer’s manual.

  • Inspect the Battery

The first thing to check is the electrolyte fluid. This is something you can check yourself. All you have to do is remove the battery caps and ensure that the electrolyte fluid is above the battery plates. The cables should not be loose and should be cleaned together with the terminals. 

Work with a Qualified Technician

There are probably things that you will miss when you inspect the car yourself. Qualified service technicians know what to look out for and they have the necessary tools and expertise. They can foresee a problem that you may not, thus before summer is here, let one thoroughly inspect the car. 

Unexpected issues will occur but it’s better to be prepared than regret that you did not pre-inspect the car. When the temperatures are high, this definitely takes a toll on the engine. Ensure that fluid levels are as recommended, the tires are in good shape, and the cooling system is in check the same as the drive belts and hoses. 

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